Constipation, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart and many other diseases, including some by birth defects, are actually avoidable by just our will power and persistent desire to build up a strong health and live a healthy life style which is possible only if we pursue for *Buddhi for understanding the correct information on health nutrition and other factors which affect health.

Although random DNA copying errors will still cause Cancer - Article: Cancer and the unavoidable R factor (https://science.sciencemag.org/content/355/6331/1330) - nonetheless a healthy lifestyle and Buddhi are integral to human health and wellbeing.
“While diet and weight loss are central for cancer prevention, combining a good diet with other healthy habits can further lower your risk", according to a study in the May 2016 issue of JAMA Oncology.
Read article:
Food Habits, Lifestyle Factors, and Risk of Prostate Cancer in Central Argentina: A Case Control Study Involving Self-Motivated Health Behavior Modifications after Diagnosis

(Buddhi is a word of the Indian ancient Pali language which is herein defined as the constant pursuit for raising knowledge, alertness, skeptical thinking, increasing analytical power to explore, improve further and control the cognitive ability of mind, to avoid preconceived ideas and to perceive things as they are, to gain wisdom for understanding correctly and making wise decisions and taking timely action.)

United Global Human, pursuant to its Aims & Objective, through this website, EduKational Restaurant website, and by holding seminars and Health Courses, aims to encourage people to become thir own health Guru to take self-care of their health.

During seminars and health courses we learn to get, then and there, immediate and long term health benefit (like Detox, Weight Loss, Diabetes Type-2, and Head ache,pain management), by using the science evidence based correct knowledge and remaining focused on:

1. Overall health (Even when under medical treatment)

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." Plato

Diet And Lifestyle Critical To Recovery, University of Manchester (2008, January 20).


2. Intelligent Eating: Exploring and adding some :

Exploring and adding some specific natural edible herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits and other mostly plant based, from mixed colorful,100% whole, skin intact food,which will contain nutritions, and a plethora of highly potential therapeutic (disease curing) and prophylactic disease preventing agents known as phytochemicals (Not in capsule or bottled or powdered or other processed form) in our own individually suitable 'Balanced Diet' as ' Herbs and Medicine",


"Eating the right foods and spices - and avoiding the wrong ones - could go a long way toward staving off everything from gut ailments to cancer" say Hopkins experts. The Johns Hopkins University


3. Following medical doctor's advice

In case of serious medical condition like heart attack, nothing but only science evidence based curing system which is medical science can save life. But then why people lose faith in Medicine? Because MEDICINE is not responsible for health of people. Health promotion is not in its menu.Most Physicians consistently ignore prevention science. Medicines has become an industry to only sell cures and palliative care that too is infested with corruption.

Flaws corruption, fraud are easily detected in the conventional health care delivery system as it remains under hard and constant scrutiny. whereas the herbal products, supplements and many other plans, devices, unproven products which are sold to people under the banner of alternate cures are not under government regulation (as medicine is) and this gives a vast scope to both politicians and the vested interests,quacks and charlatans to exploit public.
Making a real honest, sincere efforts to empowering people with correct knowledge (Read here What is Correct Information) on Natural food to eating as herbs and medicines, termed in medical science as Clinical Nutrition, towards promoting health will have a far reaching impact on reducing morbidity and poverty (Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions. WHO)

Researchers, persons and organization involved in making deliberate fake studies (Curious may see more here RetractionWatch.com) and spreading fake information and sometimes even using scientific information on health and nutrition for the purpose of selling diseases and then selling cures to the public, are health fraud scammers. Health fraud scam must be globally accepted and declared as a serious crime. The rate of death, pains , sufferings, disasters and morbidity caused by health fraud scam will always be higher than that of those caused by Wars and terrorism. See more at Cartoon illustration

We ordinary people will need to understand that health is not something we can buy from others. Cures we can buy. Curing or say intervention in the body can remove pain, sign and system, which arises due to ailments. But the underlying causes which make the body’s cells and genes ineffective in protecting from diseases remain unaddressed. Therefore health is not in curing diseases either by proven medicines or unproven herbs, supplements devices, plans. Instead, health is in Correct Knowledge on protection of health.

Curing becomes essential when a medical condition arises mostly either due to malnutrition, or, due to lack of correct information and motivation on taking self-care of health. However choosing a cure, science evidence based is prudent.

4. Exercise:

Exploring and doing individually suitable meditative exercise (in natural environment) which includes high to moderate intensity, aerobic, musculoskeletal, strength and endurance, flexibility, balance maintaining and slow motion exercise like Indian, Chinese and Thai yoga, with special emphasis on exercise of throat, eyes, ears, nose, fingers, stomach, pelvic and mouth (mouth cleaning by Salt, Oil and Spices.) Physical and mental exercise is integral to existence..


Physical and mental exercise is integral to existence.

5. A 24 hour Scientific Meditation:

Exploring, learning, and Remaining 24 hours in a scientific meditation to remain in tune and communicate with cells and genes. Scientific meditation involves healthy eating and life-style.

To ward off diseases and to stay mentally physically strong, and reversing of untimely aging, to live a real quality of life is quite possible throughout the life and even at very advance age, only through the correct science and evidence based self-care of health which we have named as Herbs Meditation.

6. Understanding Health Fraud Scams:

It is easy to fool a person but it is very difficult to make him or her understand that he or she has been fooled.

Avoid believing in hearsay and myth will have a far reaching impact on transforming our own behaviors (specially our character of believing in hearsay and myth and looking for shortcut, magical cure instead of understanding and practicing Herbs Meditation.) and the present social health care system, and those irresponsible media, medical, non-medical doctors, the food industry which are presently health hostile foe, into health friendly ally.

Any information and activity to misguide and enticing people to become more and more unnecessarily dependent on, and or become addict to unnecessary and excess use of curing facilities, curing methods, health products plans devices be it proven or unproven, tantamount to health fraud scams.

Health scammers use pseudoscience and many a times science also, cleverly purported to sell their products, ideas, plan specially for chelation, detox and weight loss by promising us a short cut, a magical relief from a host of other ailments ranging from cancer, to aging. We get trapped into their net and become addicts to unnecessary intervention which makes the body lose its ability it has evolved to perform like removal of waste, detoxing, protection from diseases. For example eating fiber depleted refined, unhealthy highly, processed food will obstruct bowel movement and will cause constipation. Eating even only one time plant based, some selective edible natural, individually suitable whole food (with skin fiber intact), like leaves, spices, seeds nuts, whole cereals and whole grain vegetables, and fruits will enable body’s waste elimination system to regularize bowel and remove the waste. But if we use short cut methods like putting some liquid material or coffee in the anus through a tube or taking some pills to clean the bowel is unnatural and such intervention prevents our body perform its task, hence body loses its ability in elimination of feces from the intestine. This is known as "Use it or lose it". Over time, by Intervening into the body and not letting the body do its work, cause body lose its ability in performing those natural task and thus we become dependent on products and devices and finally diseases prone. Thus our personal money and that of Government public funds are then spent on curing of those avoidable diseases and maladies sold to us. Read further at;

1. Article: Disease Mongering Is Now Part of the Global Health Debate U.S. National Library of Medicine. 2008 May;

2. Facts on herbs and supplements

3. Detox

Eating unhealthy food and living an unhealthy, sedentary life will cause constipation, obesity and many other diseases. A short cut Cure of constipation and obesity, and nutrition deficiency by supplements, products and devices will make us become dependent and addicts to such intervention and at times can be hazardous to health, evidence suggests. Constipation and weight accumulation in the body will reoccur again unless eating and lifestyle is corrected. Click here to read more on Detox

Learn more on obesity at: What Causes Overweight and Obesity?

Wasting Billions Of Dollars On 'Quack' Health Food And Weight Loss Products which are risky for health. BMJ-British Medical Journal, (2008, December 1).

Health Fraud Scams - Food and Drug Administration

Food and Drug Administration, ForConsumers, Protect Yourself, HealthFraud

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The purpose of information provided through this website is to encourage people to pursue Buddhi, remain updated informed on health and nutrition for becoming a buddhiman…a wise person to understanding what to belive or what not, to avoid believing in hearsay and myth, to avoid health fraud scams, to understand medical advice, finally for taking correctly self control of health by taking a wise decision on the matter affect our health.

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