The great Health Care scam


We are licensed Medical Doctors turned business persons or sales representative of industries, and have, worldwide, a vast majority of scientists, non-medical doctors, irresponsible media, and many political and religious leaders as our companions and followers.

We, the money-hungry mercenaries, are the Assistants to the Chief Manager of your Death Marketing and Death Management civilization.

We hire celebrities, experts, leaders, medical and non-medical doctors, scientists, your nears and dears, and the media to take away natural, real, healthy food from your plates, and from the plates of your children, to replacing them with junk food and unhealthy processed food, supplements and such other ‘health’ products.

FDA warns consumers about health risks with Healthy Life Chemistry dietary supplement

We do not target you only, but we target the coming generation too.

By eating unnatural, unhealthy food, your health will deteriorate; you will develop problems in your health, your bowel will become irregular, you will become obese. Over time you will get diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases. You will start searching for information to improve your health condition, but we will block you from understanding and getting the correct information. Read here What is The Correct Information?

We have set up a net around you to force you listen to and believe in our both science evidence based and the pseudo-science based information tapered cleverly to keep you trapped in following our message which will make you interested in eating unhealthy and living unhealthy lifestyle, and becoming more and more dependent and addicts to cures, which include both the proven and the unproven, plans, ideas, methods of cures, medicines, devices, surgeries - like bariatric (fat removal by surgery), transplantation of organs,
Due to increased dependency on and addiction to intervention in your body, your body will lose the natural ability it has evolved with, to perform its task like removal of waste from the body, nullifying internal and external threats to body.Overtimes you will become untimely old, prone to diseases and will have more diseases and morbidityThus you will end up seeking cures as the present global health scenario is.In this way your money and the money of your government will be spent on curing those avoidable disease which we have sold to you to take those money come to our pocket

We, and our partners, some Industries and also some scientists, institutes, medical, non-medical registered health practitioners, and the vested interests around the world, will become rich and rich while you will become diseased and will live a life in pain and suffering and thus most of you will remain poor and poorer..
You should be thankful to us that we do not let you die easily. If you die soon then who will follow our plans and ideas, who will buy and use our products? Therefore we have increased your life expectancy.

 Despite longer life spans, fewer years are disease-free. University of Southern California (2010, December 13).

You, your Governments, the World Health Organization, and United Global Human and such organizations, talk Health Promotion and a Tobacco Free World; but Leaders of your Governments allow the industries to manufacture health hostile food, tobacco, alchohol and facilitate their regulatory authorities like, police and military, to smoke cigarettes. How can they then stop others from smoking?

You know that due to first hand, second and third hand smoking millions will die every year. You also know that Father’s smoking is injurious to the health of Moms and unborn babies. Before or during pregnancy, smoking and or drinking alcohol will cause permanent damage on the DNA of the fetus. But you will not stop smoking and drinking and you will cause life long suffering to your own baby …… the coming generation, who is going to be born to you.

Thus some of you common people, knowingly or unknowingly, are also a party in my business of selling sickness and causing harms to public health.

We know that some fools are talking and coaching ‘life style’ and introducing ‘science evidence based self-care of health and healthy eating’ which can naturally and easily help cure obesity, maintain normal weight, can Detox Regularize bowel) the body and improve overall health.
Read What is Detox at;

We know that a police/military person, or any Government official found cheating people, or causing or being a party in causing loss to government fund, will be jailed when caught; but you cannot stop us from doing our business, except scolding us.

Doctor scolded by Senators for marketing 'Miracle' products.

We know that world honest clinicians and the honest scientific communities do not like us.

Read this Article "Obesity: we need to move beyond sugar" published in The Lancet on 16th January, 2016
More at

Mexico to tackle obesity with taxes

Overweight people should pay 'fat tax’ to cover healthcare costs, German MP says.

Daily Telegraph Article: Overweight people should pay 'fat tax' to cover healthcare costs, German MP says

But it is your political leaders who in a heck of pleasing you to remain themselves in power, help or allow you to do the business of manufacturing/selling tobacco, alcohol, junk food,health hostile products and devices that are not necessary, and will ultimately cause obesity, other diseases, morbidity and early mortality.

We do not worry about what the media say, without their help we cannot succeed either, the World, however, does not lack irresponsible media.

Should drug firms make payments to doctors? BBC News, Washington  

"Should Doctors Be 'Selling' Drugs For The Pharmaceutical Industry?." BMJ-British Medical Journal.

You have no guts, neither do  your Leaders have, to bring the reformation in Social and Health Care systems, to promote health and disease prevention; then why should we waste our time.

We therefore choose to make money by fooling you. We use both science and pseudo-science, especially in the name of natural or alternative cures, in such a way that will dampen your will and morale to taking self-care of your health, and will make you become interested in buying my magical supplements, waters, fluids other products and plans, including scientific evidence based cures ‘The Medicine’

We use religion and God to make you believe in us and our unnecessary health plans and products, just as our counterparts are doing for promoting chauvinism finally to either sell guns, WMD (weapon of Mass destruction) for making money for their communities or for becoming a renowned leader or for becoming a God unto themselves.
But their business is inferior to me because the pain and sufferings, death and destruction caused by them will always be lesser and cannot exceed the amount of profit we make by prolonging your life but making your life in more pain and sufferings. The longer you live with higher the morbidity, the more our business flourishes, the higher our profits will be.

We are sure that you do not understand that it is not, God, or  religion,  or the medical science “Medicine” that are silent killers, instead it is us, the Assistants, and our Chief Marketing Manager - who is highly efficient in influencing even the custodians of health care delivery systems - to become a party in selling sickness. Do not believe me?
Read here:

By the way, can you guess who is the Chief Marketing Manager of your Death Marketing and Death Management social system? If you succeed understanding correctly, we swear we will become honest Responsible Medical Doctors and the “Medicine” will be transformed into a responsible Medicine for both care and cure; our followers who are presently manufacturing and selling health hostile plans, ideology, chauvinism, and products like tobacco, junk food, alcohol, drugs, guns, and WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) will transform themselves from your foe into your health promoting and peace loving ally.

Until then, I thank you very much for listening to and believing only in us and thus supporting us in conning you and in selling diseases and sufferings to you.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Hot Detox, a product promoted and sold for weight loss and sold on various websites [1-28-2014]

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