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You’ve probably seen the ads for pills, powders, patches, belts, and creams promising to melt the pounds away without any diet or exercise. But do those products really work? Learn how to tell fact from fiction when it comes to weight loss products. Play the FTC’s new Weight Loss Challenge game, and have fun getting the skinny on safe and effective weight loss!

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We recommend a steady, gradual loss of weight through correct knowledge on eating right suitable some edible herbs, vegetables, whole legumes, cereals as a balanced food and on improving life style. This will be a permanent solution which will help avoid health fraud scam which not only takes money out from your purse but will also weaken your health.

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Don't be fooled by 'weight loss frauds'

There are many people producing a multitude of products ranging from pills and potions to elecrical and mechanical devices. These people (including respected Doctors and Scientists) claim that their marvelous and sometimes miraculous products will instantly make you lose weight whilst providing health and well-being .... and all without any effort, other than to part with your money, on your part.

See our cartoon article, 'Obesity - Can you believe it?, on what these often unscrupulous people tell you to give away your hard earned money on products that mostly offer little or no benefit.

As we cannot buy education in Capsules, tablets, so is the truth for maintaining health or a healthy weight. We need to give maximum effort ourselves for losing weight while keeping in mind this very fact "It is easy to fool anyone, but it is difficult to make him or her understand that he or she has been fooled"

Good News and The Real Fact...

Good News and The Real Fact... the truth on weight loss is that everyone and even those people who have FTO genes (people who carry FTO genes tend to keep an average 3 kg higher weight than those who do not have this gen) can also lose weight, confirms the of latest honest research study.

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Lack of Buddhi ... our ability to understand the real fact in the information on health and nutrition which are bombarded to us every minutes and day by researchers and experts who most of them are on the side with Industries /Marketing Campaign to selling products.
Some of such health products may provide a temporary relief but they are intended to making us unnecessarily addicts to unnecessary health products which have also been found and will be a health hazard. Selling of such products in the name of supplements that too with a forceful, a high tech-marketing erodes the motivation of people in taking self-care of health, and distracts us from living a natural, healthy life. This is an ongoing health fraud scam which is legal in our present 'Death Marketing' and 'Death Management' Civilization.

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Although FDA recently has approved some weight loss drugs but let us beware of:

  1. Weight Loss drugs are for those who are at higher risk of developing serious health condition due to obesity.
  2. Like any other drugs will have known and hitherto unknown side effects; Weight loss drugs are also full of serious side effects.
    More information here www.drugs.com
  3. All weight loss drugs fall under pregnancy category X that means ... should not be used during pregnancy.

Given that we lose weight by using some products or by undergoing Bariatric surgery, nonetheless we will again and again become obese, as the underlying cause of obesity is our unhealthy eating and life style if remain unchanged.

Corollary is that to lose weight, to maintain a healthy weight, a robust health is in our own commitment, determined efforts to pursue Buddhi, and in our resolve to Intelligent Eating, Food as Medicine and Herbs, and to remaining in A 24 Hours Scientific Meditation.

Based on the success of people who joined our Health Courses like, Detox, Weight Loss and on Diabetes Management Courses, we encourage people to explore and do aresearch themselves keeping in view the following Scientific opinion on Weight loss which is the only way to succeed in keeping a healthy weight.

Scientific Opinion and Image of food with suggestion ... Read more...

  1. Suggested Salad with homemade sauce to make them part of your individually suitable Balanced Diet

  2. Water of these vegetables to drink every day very often

    Suggestion: Boil these vegetables with leaf seeds, skin in their natural form with spices

    Raw Papaya









Weight Loss Strategy

The best diet is the one we can maintain for life and is only one piece of a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Keeping a very clean bowel, regular, twice a day preferably, (Morning and before going to bed) should be the most important part of the strategy focused on Overall Health Care to achieve success in keeping a healthy weight.
  2. Chose good carbohydrate food always (fiber intact) which has Low Glycemic Load like whole cereals, RBBR (Red Black Brown Rice) Whole grains and others check the health benefit of food on our Menu.
  3. Lady finger or say Okra, the whole without chopping off its head or tail.
  4. Include Sprouted chickpea and sprouted green peas in the diet as frequent.
  5. Eat green leafy vegetables and eat spinach with its roots.
  6. Keep Eating raw papaya salad very often (Except during pregnancy)
  7. Make your salad adding celery, mint plant, curry leaf, and raw papaya, sprouted Chick Pea and Garbanzo.
  8. Eat only self-made sauces and especially sauce of sesame seeds (lightly roast with natural spices like garlic, cayenne.
    (Industrial made sauces and food/salad dressing materials are loaded with added sugar, which will increase the weight).
  9. Concentrate on a high Protein based diet in moderation (protein requirement will depend on gender, activities and age.
    For details read here https://www.nrv.gov.au/nutrients/protein
    For an average person RDI for protein is around 65mg a day. Natural food should be the source of Protein. (As a rule, avoid too much of anything, excess eating of protein can be a precursor of Diabetes ...insulin resistance. Supplements can be the source of excess protein).
  10. Vegetarians can choose only 100% whole legumes (not the fiber depleted, which are in the form of skin removed), Mushrooms, nuts and seeds. If eating diary products, then 100% whole, preferably yogurt, but self-made natural (to avoid hidden added sugar) and consume in moderation.
    Non-vegetarian should also include legumes, nuts seeds, poultry and choose lean meat.
  11. Drink sufficient water, including the above suggested water of vegetables, approximately 1.5 to 2lt. a day (unless necessary, avoid drinking water at least an hour before going to bed).
  12. Stop dinning late at night. The best is to avoid dinner at all. Stop eating after7.pm.
  13. Remain focused on Calorie In & Calorie Out. See detail at Intelligent Eating.


  1. Till the desired goal is achieved, totally avoid Table sugar and Never eat even casually any food which is bad carb or which contains added sugar like many readymade cereals, cakes, cookies and other bakeries, fruit juices, soda/soft drinks, sweetened dry fruits.
  2. Do not take any risk by taking food even when the label says 100% natural, sugar free.
  3. Avoid very sweet fruits like Mangoes, grapes, oranges. (Although these foods are good carbohydrate natural food, good for healthy active people if eaten in moderation).
  4. Never peel out the edible skin or remove the edible seeds of vegetables like cucumber, squash, potato, sweet potato, Taro, pumpkin and bitter gourds and other gourds, radish.
  5. Fried food in general should be less is better and avoid deep fried food.
  6. Never use industrial made sauces or Salad dressing material, as they may be loaded with sugar or other unhealthy substances like trans-fat.
  7. As a rule avoid the following foods shown in the image.

Lastly, let us not get bogged down by the daily news bombarded to us by the researchers and experts who use ghrelin and leptin story which are cleverly explained in a way to ultimately help industries to sell products.

Most important of all, is to keep in mind "It is easy to fool anyone, but it is very difficult to make him or her understand that she or he has been fooled"

Thw important lesson for us is, avoid believing in hearsay, keep our mind open, do not believe in easily, and check the evidences of information we are getting through our nearest and dearests and even from very trusted ones. These all information on health and nutrition coming to us may be a part of the Marketing Strategy like Direct Selling.

In most cases the purposes of Marketing products may not be your health, instead your money is .. the profitability of the industries behind the marketing, the other mercenary purpose of the experts, non-medical, medical doctors turned Sales Representative / Businesspersons).
Clerics, especially who are interested in their name and fame, also become knowingly or unknowingly part of marketing of selling unproven ideas and often useless, expensive, and sometimes dangerous, products related to health.


Given that if we only lose weight by using some - possibly fake or harmful - products or by undergoing Bariatric surgery, (fat in the body removed by surgery) nonetheless we will again and again become obese, as the underlying cause of obesity, our unhealthy eating and lifestyle, remains unchanged.

To lose weight, to maintain a healthy weight and a robust health is in our own commitment, determined efforts to pursue Buddhi, and in our resolve to Intelligent Eating, using Food as Medicine and Herbs, and to remaining in A 24 Hours Scientific Meditation.

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