Health Courses

Fresh and natural food from plant sources should be our herbs and medicines.

Natural Health Courses
For immediate and long term health benefit.

75% diseases, present humans are suffering from, are actually avoidable scientists say. Body succumbs to these avoidable diseases because of deterioration of the immune system which is mostly due to lack of correct knowledge on health and nutrition and due to lack of desire to take self-care of health renders people to unhealthy eating and wrong life style.

During Health courses we learn to;

  1. Remain update correctly informed on the factors which impact our health and become ourselves health GURU to avoid believing in hearsay and myth, health fraud and quackery which sell diseases by using both pseudo-science and science just to make us become more interested in increasing unnecessary dependency on useless and, many a times, dangerous health products and devices like many bottled, pills, capsules, supplements, unproven herbal medicines, and devices like, Detox and weight loss program and chelation therapy with false claims. Read more on Detox
  2. Understand that body has its own law, that is Use It or Lose It.

    For example those who use their walking ability of the body such people will keep jogging and walking throughout the life, But  those who will not like to walk and will use lift and car and auto stairs,,and live a sedentary life, such people will lose their body ability to walk. Similarly those who will use tubes, or other unnatural methods to cleanse bowel, they will lose their body’s natural ability of eliminating waste, and thus they will increase dependency on Detox devices and products.

    Body evolved with miraculous infinite intelligence and wisdom to detox itself, fight diseases and to heal itself. Body does not like intervention or say, curing. Intervention into body becomes essential when body has medical condition. However curing must be science/evidence based and not on hearsay and Myth. And also while going through medical treatment, understanding and adopting correct eating and life style can help lessen period of intervention and will make treatment successful and also recovery from ailment will be faster. Read this referred honest research study. “Diet And Lifestyle Critical To Recovery, University of Manchester (2008, January 20).”

  3. The part can never be well unless the whole is well. Plato  

  4. We use science evidence based correct up-to-date knowledge to remain focused on overall health by selecting and including some specific individually suitable fiber loaded, natural mainly plant based food (spices, seeds, nuts, barks, flowers, leaf, vegetables, whole cereals and legumes, fruits) into our Balanced Diet and doing selective mental /Physical exercise and a scientific meditation as medicine to build up a vibrant health, to slowdown aging, to ward off diseases.            

    Understanding What is Correct Information on health and nutrition and a high motivation to remain in strong health will not only ensure health happiness and a quality of life to the present generation but it will automatically grant a right to human….the coming generation (Your sons daughters, grandsons and grandaughters) to be born in health and live a healthy life.

Our health is not impacted only by what we eat and how we live, but also by what our parents ate and how they lived.

What is our Health Courses?

Question: What is health course?
Correct Science / evidence based Informative Natural Self-Care Health & Meditation Training designed to get then and their health improvement (like regularizing bowel, controlling blood sugar, weight management)

Question: What foods we eat during courses?
Answer: Natural and mainly fresh, plant based food using healthy method of cooking.

Question: Why we should do exercise?
Answer: Exercise is integral to existence. Mental exercise is necessary to avoid old age-related mental disease like Alzheimer.

Question: What exercise we learn at courses?
Answer: moderate intensity, regular, meditative, exercise which include aerobic, musculoskeletal, strength and endurance, flexibility, balance maintaining and, slow motion exercise like Indian, Chinese and Thai yoga, with special emphasis on exercise of throat, eyes, ears, nose, fingers, stomach, pelvic and mouth (mouth cleaning by Salt, Oil and Spices)

Question: What is scientific Meditation?
Answer: Meditation is known to human since time immemorial and it is prevalent in almost all religions.

A scientific explanation of Meditation is ‘communication between consciousness to body and mind which can influence the cells and genes expression.

Types of Health Courses

Question: What Type of courses?
Answer: The types of courses are as follows:

  1. Detox course.(Detox is a meaningless word used by quacks) Learning and preparing health individually suitable balance diet and eating some selective natural food and spices to help body to resume its natural task of eliminating waste from body.
  2. Diabetes control course.
  3. Weight reducing/Lipid management course.
  4. Reverse aging/heart health course.
  5. Strength and performance course for athlete
  6. Beauty/aesthetic enhancing course only by using natural plant food such as vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, spices.
  7. Quick English Speaking & Health Course >designed to help children and adults become proficient in speaking English in short period while eating healthiest tasty food.
  8. Children Holiday Health /Educational / Entertainment Courses will surely enable Children /adult to become proficient in speaking English. We teach English through Behavioral Learning Method.

  9. DPHP Tours of Thailand (DPHP Disease Protective Health Promotive Tours of Thailand) for immediate and long term health benefit. During tours of famous tourist places around Thailand, food and fluid and freshly brewed natural edible herbs, like tea, lemongrass, cinnamon, and others, will be prepared specifically individually suitable requirement of our attendees - and will constantly be provided during tours - to make your tour most enjoyable and healthiest. For this purpose a pantry car of EduKational Restaurant will run along with our Tourist Bus. No tobacco, No alcohol, No junk food, No outside food or fluid. Strictly only individually suitable healthiest, tastiest balanced (ovo-lacto fish-vegetarian) diet will provided by EduKational Restaurant. See more at

    No Hurry, No Worry

    Sufficient period of time will be given to our attendees on every halting at specially selected resorts, for proper rest, enjoying mental serenity, doing physical and mental exercise, a scientific Meditation, learning exploring preparing individually suitable disease curing food, and singing and dancing as a part of Herbs Meditation Training to ensure immediate and long term health benefit.

Question: Where the Courses can be run?
Answer: Courses can be run at Herbs Meditation Center, Viphavadee 60. Bangkok, 10210.

Also on the suggestion of attendees Health Courses can be run at Resorts or Temples or at any suitable places around Thailand.

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Powerful Detox food


Culinary herbs, nuts, seeds, and spices are a must in human diet. Eating them in its natural form will give health benefit, and “Not in capsule, tablet, liquid or other processed forms.”
We use the latest peer reviewed information on nutritional and phytochemicals contents in Nuts, Seeds, spices and other edible plants  in cooking and preparing disease protective and health promotive, both a general Balanced diet, and also individually specifically suitable   diet for specific health condition with the agreement of your medical doctor.

Eating the right foods and spices—and avoiding the wrong ones—could go a long way toward staving off everything from gut ailments to cancer, say Hopkins experts. The Johns Hopkins University

Wasting Billions Of Dollars On 'Quack' Health Food And Weight Loss Products which are risky for health. BMJ-British Medical Journal, (2008, December 1).

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