What is the correct information?

Updated on 21st December 2015

The Higher the attainment of knowledge and Buddhi, the lesser the sufferings, the higher the quality of life.

(Buddhi is a word from the Indian ancient Pali language.It is herein defined as the constant pursuit for raising knowledge, alertness, skeptical thinking, increasing analytical power, to explore, improve further and control the cognitive ability of mind, so as to avoid preconceived ideas, to perceive things as they are, to gain wisdom for understanding correctly for making wise decision.)

To begin to understand what correct information is and can be, keep the followings in mind;

  1. We are living in a jail created by our own current civilization which is a Death Marketing & Death Management civilization.
  2. For selling wars and selling war machines.  for selling diseases and selling cures. we are Hypnotized, our  mind are  blocked and we are   forced to hear and understand only  what is suitable to keep us on wars, to live a life with diseases and morbidity. See more at Cartoon Illustration
  3. Our fears and ignorance are the necessities for the success of the business of Marketing  Death, diseases and cures see more at http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/people/jlipps/Beyond.html
  4. Although the source of correct information will always be the peer reviewed findings of research studies, validated by the general consensus of honest scientific communities, but the same Research Studies are not protected by any suitably reformed Clinical Research Regulation. Resultantly The Clinical Research Studies on health nutrition and cures are heavily parasitic infested of vested interests.
  5. On the top everyone ranging from scientist to experts, lay experts, some clerics and those irresponsible media who do not have their own Board of honest Health Experts, or and do not feel necessary to critically review the compliancy of ethics, honesty, and scientific methods in research studies, and& to understand evaluate the correct message of research findings while venting their ambition in providing news for public as custodian of health information providers either for the mercenary gains or for the name and fame.
  6. Therefore The present Research Studies findings, the evidence based information, have become the best source to misguide general public finally for selling disease and cures. The unprotected Research studies by any a global strong fence of stringent law, is being used to distracting the Medical Science from its main ethics (which is to Promote Health and provide cures,) into selling diseases and selling cures.

Henceforth on the front of health, despite the achievement of Science (Medical science) in understanding factors responsible for our health which ranges from ecology, to social, economy to politics, from pathogens like viruses, viroid  bacteria, fungi, or parasites, microbiota, prion to Germline Modification (GM - a form of genetic engineering which involves changing genes in eggs, sperm), and despite the success  in curing  of many kind of diseases including some kinds of cancers, transplanting organs, we live with more diseases and morbidity. Occurrence of diseases, pain and sufferings… crippled health, untimely aging, has steeply increased though the life expectancy has expanded.

Similarly, on the front of Peace, despite ocean of information we have from religions and despite the central theme in the messages of every religion which is for the well-being of not only one specific population but for the entire humanity, we remain divided into small camps of national boundaries, of religions and remain engaged in disliking, killing, massacring each other in the name of God and religion and become God unto ourselves which is a crime against God itself.

Nothing but only Buddhi can help mankind reduce suffering and improve quality of life. Only Buddhi can help understand the exact cause of sufferings and can help find means and ways to bring improvement  in oneself which will ultimately beget a Buddhiman (correctly informed) a Knowledgeable society  …… This is the ultimate panacea for all kinds of Human sufferings; whether they be hunger, poverty, diseases, discrimination and conflict 

Fortunately there is no lack of honest people and organizations who sincerely dedicatedly promote the correct knowledge, but the success is in every body’s efforts to understand the necessity of empowering oneself with only the correct knowledge for making an informed wise decision.

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