Article - Misuse of Science

Ask yourself this question . . .

What is the purpose of Science?


  • To learn the truth;
  • To improve our quality of life;
  • To make our precious earth a better home to live in;
  • To find cures for ailments

Despite the valiant efforts of many famous honest scientists, many more are using science for the wrong reasons.

But how do we misuse Science?

A-bombexplosion A-bomb missile launcher Illegal drugs

We use science to develop Weapon of Mass destruction to threaten to nuke and wipe out humanity.

We develop drugs to combat diseases only to have them turned into health destroying compunds by criminal scientists

Most Scientists do research to prove what they believe in, and sometimes to research and find what they are paid to find; many though do fraudulent research studies for a short-cut to wealth, name, and fame.

Scientist cartoon Bad science

'The case against science is straightforward:
much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.'

Says The Lancet editor, Richard Horton

"And medicine seems comfortable allowing quacks and charlatans to prosper. Insane indeed."

Mozaffarian… The Lancet DOI:

We are using science (especially in health and nutrition) for selling diseases and then for selling cures of those diseases sold to people

Professor Crimmins

Professor Eileen Crimmins

Despite longer life spans fewer years are free of disease
Published in the December 2010 edition of the Journal of Gerontology.
The findings are revealed in new research by USC Professor Eileen Crimmins.

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Although Science and the findings of Research studies ... are the only source of validating knowledge … many scientific research studies are deeply mired in corruption.
Examine at: What is correct information.html

June 23, 2017 Chinese courts call for death penalty for researchers who commit fraud.

Photo: Getty Images/AFP/Ed Jones

Scientists have been sounding alarms for years about the integrity of research in China.

In the past few months, China has announced two new crackdowns on research misconduct — one of which could lead to executions for scientists who doctor their data.
Examine here: Chinese courts call for death penalty for researchers who commit fraud

One recent survey estimated that 40 percent of biomedical papers by Chinese scholars were tainted by misconduct.

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