How to use food as medicine?

Keep the following in mind while using food as medicine and to avoid health fraud scam.

  • Food may react (antagonize) with the medicine if anyone is taking. Then it is necessary to inform your doctor before changing food pattern, especially when undergoing medical treatment.
  • Any food can be allergenic to anyone
  • No single food can help cure any disease.
  • Natural Food will contain Nutrition and Medicinal compound. Nutrition are carbohydrate, protein fat, minerals. Medicinal compound is called phytochemicals which are abundant in natural food/plant.
  • Both the nutrition and the phytochemicals contents in the natural food, when eaten, work together in combination, and synergistically creates and enhances curing and disease fighting and disease preventing power of the body.
  • A Balanced Diet individually suitable, added with specific food in accordance with disease can help ameliorate the health condition.
  • Individually suitable balanced diet alone is not sufficient to ward off diseases.
  • Overall health is the key. "Because the part cannot be well unless the whole is well."
  • A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing. Therefore one has to become real health Guru of oneself and never follow the Hokey Pokey health providers, the so called health Gurus.
  • Never undermine the advice of medical doctor even when you have sufficient knowledge to use food as medicine.
  • To become health guru of oneself The top three secrets to know are  the followings:
  • Balanced Diet; Read at:
  • Intelligent Eating; Read at:
  • Overall Health; Read at:

What are Phytochemicals

Phytochemical chart

Plants produce many varieties of chemicals known as secondary metabolites, to protect themselves from predators, insects and diseases. These chemical compounds which also give color, aroma and taste to plants, are biologically active and are naturally occurring medicines in Plants are in general called as phytochemicals or phytonutrients. Among thousands of phytochemicals, only some have been well studied and are under research, because of the proposed effects on, and benefits for the body when eaten or applied.

The Below chart and the contents therein is just for educational purpose.

The scientific evidence of the health benefits of eating vegetables (including legumes/beans) has been reported for decades and continues to strengthen. Different vegetables can help protect our bodies in different ways, so it's important to choose a variety.

It is not a single component in plant-derived foods, but rather complex mixtures of interacting natural chemicals in the plants, that produce such powerful health-protective effects. These various natural components accumulate simultaneously together in a plant, and provide a multifaceted defensive strategy for both the plant, and the human consumer

There is no need to become over conscious about any single food regardless how heavily advertised by media. Media, internet, many websites, medical, non-medical doctors posing as health experts, or as non-profit organization are in disguise actually sellers of unnecessary supplements and health products which are actually selling sickness and then selling cures of the diseases sold to public. More watch at Cartoon Illustration

Remain skeptical on any information on health and nutrition even if it is coming from renowned scientists.
Remaining pursuant for understanding What Correct Knowledge Can Be for Intelligent Eating of individually suitable Balanced diet and living a correct lifestyle... is key secret to reap health benefit from the scientific information on health and nutrition.

Name of Phtochemical Suggested Benefit


(such as beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin)

watermelon brocolli pumpkin asparagus green leaf veg fresh veg

Good for skin, eye, liver.
May inhibit cancer cell growth, work as antioxidants and improve immune response
Taking supplement is dangerous for health.

Read more at:


watermelon tomato carrot

Is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
May provide protection from cancer, cardiovascular (Heart), or neurodegenerative diseases.
Good for eyes skin and lungs.
Improves immune function.
Prevents blood from clotting thus may help reduce ischemic strokes.


Inositol(phytic acid), Soluble and insoluble fiber,

whole rice RBBR

Detox body and gut, regularize bowel.
It is Anti inflammatory, antidiabetic, and help maintain good flora in the intestine, healthy balance of iron and minerals, healthy weight.
Improves digestion, provide protection against cancer specially colon and colorectal cancer.
Good for heart health.

Indoles and Glucosinolates

(sulforaphane) Isothiocyanates indole-3-carbinol

Detox Body, and is an anti-inflammatory, and a powerful cancer protective food. Limit production of cancer-related hormones and generally work as antioxidant.
Good for arthritis and for eye, bone and heart health.

Isoflavones, Lignans

phytoestrogens(daidzein and genistein)

Mimic the female hormone estrogen
Good for lipid (cholesterol), weight and blood glucose management, and for Heart health. The phytoestrogen in legumes may be protective against many kind of cancers, specially those associated with hormones, like estrogen, if cooked and eaten in healthy methods and eaten in moderation this is especially suggested for soyabean.

Polyphenols Lignan

Caffeic acid, Chicoric acid chlorogenic, ferulic, gallic, ellagic acid,p-coumaric acids and resveratrol

May prevent cancer formation, prevent inflammation and work as antioxidants, anti- allergen, antiviral due to its immunostimulating properties, and can provide protection to kidney and lungs.

Anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins,

Provide colors to plant
May protect cells from becoming cancerous, slow cancer cell growth, strengthen immune function, fight viruses, work as antioxidants

Quercetin, Kaempferol, Myricetin,
Isorhamnetin, Rutin, Luteolin

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotective, antiallergic, liver protective, antithrombotic, antiviral, and anti - carcinogenic (Cancer)



Antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiplatelet, antibacterial and viruses, anticancer and good for maintaining normal cholesterol and blood pressure, may reduce atherosclerosis thus good for Heart health

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